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Best Supplement Reviews 2017 | For Working Out | Body Building | Muscle Repair | Weight Loss | Weight Gain

Are you confused with all the products on the current market and don't know what to take to maximize your results? In this article, we'll help you to understand about different types of supplements out there and also pick some of the top products for you to choose from.

Pre-Workout Supplements 

These products give you the energy to push it to the limit. The right pre-workout supplement can provide your muscles with a strength and power boost, allowing you to get those last, vital reps. It will also give you the training energy and endurance to get the most out of your training session.

Side effects: high doses of niacin (500+mg) may result in itching, flushing, and stomach upset. Pre workout supplements are often used in combination with High-intensity (HIIT) trainings which can increase your blood pressure. If  you have high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor first about taking these.

Creatine Supplements

This is the single best nutritional supplement that you need to get bigger and stronger. Creatine has the ability to turn ADP back into ATP, which is the energy system that the muscles use push weight. The more ATP in the muscle cell, the more reps you can perform. This directly increases the tension on the muscle, which is the key to muscle growth.

Side effects: creatine is a natural substance used in the body to make ATP or energy. Anecdotal side effects include stomach cramps and muscle cramps, nausea, diarrhea, weight gain, kidney stress and dehydration. Actual research, however, refutes these anecdotal claims.

Beta Alanine Supplements

Beta Alanine is a powerful muscle building stimulant that staves off fatigue and increases muscle strength and power. Beta alanine is used to improve the levels of carnosine in the body. Carnosine acts as a buffer of hydrogen ions, which lifts pH levels and boosts energy.

Legion Supplements

Legion Athletics, a supplement company with the stated intention to provide products that are backed by science, are clinically dosed, have no artificial sweeteners or fillers, taste great and are good value. Legion has products for both men and women falling into the pre-workout, fat burner, post-workout, protein powder and even the sleep aid categories.

GNC Supplements 

GNC has a long history in the supplement, vitamins & multivitamins market. Since 1935  they have been the big retailer of supplements in the United States, as well as having a huge online presence. GNC stock a range of brands but also have their own range of products.

Amino Acid Supplements

After your workout, your body is craving amino acids in order to repair and rebuild your hard trained muscles. Getting the right aminos into your system as quickly as possible is paramount. That means that you need an efficient delivery system and the most effective dosage to get results fast.

Testosterone Boosters 

Testosterone is the male growth hormone that lies at the foundation of all muscle growth. Over the last 50 years, we’ve seen the average rates of “T” in men drop dramatically. That’s why many men reach for a quality testosterone supplement in order to increase their muscle building potential and sexual virility.

Anabolic Supplements 

You body is either in a catabolic or an anabolic state. When it is in a catabolic state, you are losing muscle tissue. When you’re in an anabolic state, however, your body is surging with testosterone and amino acids and is primed for muscle building. Clearly, you want to be anabolic as often as possible.

Prohormone Supplements

Prohormones are chemicals that have the ability to turn into hormones in the body and that promote muscle growth. Many prohormones are illegal in the United States. Unfortunately, those that are still available don’t contain the powerful testosterone precursors that were contained in now banned substances.

Protein Supplements | Protein Supplements for Women

The right protein supplements - taken at the right times - can help propel you to your bodybuilding and strength training goals by doing three things. They can increase your anabolic drive, improve your workload capacity and decrease your recovery time. Individually these factors can make a big difference. Put together they will work synergistically to power you towards your goals.

For wome building lean muscle tissue from weight training and taking a protein supplement are smart ways to promote fat loss. Protein powder is mixed up as a protein shake. The amount you take should be based on body weight. Aim to take a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day. 

Water Retention Remedies 

Have you hit a plateau in your training and weight loss efforts? It’s possible that you are retaining water under your skin. This occurs in certain areas where fat likes to be stored. When you over consume, water, electrolytes or sodium, they will be stored in the layer just under the skin. Ironically, the first thing you need to do is to drink more water. This will help to flush the excess water from your system.

A second way to flush out H20 is to take a diuretic supplement. Best supplements to remove excess water from your body.

Supplements for Weightlifting 

Lifting weights is hard work. To keep making progress, get stronger and build lean muscle, you need to do more than train intensely. What you put into your body before, during and after your workout will play a large part in determining your success.

Workout Supplements for Workout Recovery and Muscle Repair

When you walk out of the gym, your muscles are at their weakest. They are broken down and ready to catabolize themselves. It is at that point that you need to infuse them with the right nutrients to switch from a catabolic to an anabolic state. Doing so, will allow you to repair and rebuild the muscle at a cellular level, so that you can become bigger and stronger.

Natural Supplements

 You work hard to create the best physique possible. You take supplements to provide top quality ergogenic aids to optimize your body. The last thing you want is to be outing unnatural products into your system that contain artificial additives and flavorings.


Multi vitamins are essential for muscle growth, fat loss and peak performance. If you don’t get the right ones at the right time, your metabolic pathway with be harmed, leading to impaired performance.

Supplements for Muscle Strength 

It’s only when you feed and rest your muscles that they grow. Getting the right supplements into your body before, during and after your training will make sure that you body is primed for growth.

Supplements For Weight Loss 

The secret to lose weight is simple: it's all about your exercise routine, nutrition and supplementation plan. Taking the right supplements for losing weight can boost the effect of those other two elements, so you can strip off fat fast while preserving muscle tissue. Fat burners are designed to speed up the metabolism, boost energy levels and suppress appetite.

Supplements for Weight Gain Fast and Fat Loss

Gaining muscular body-weight is the goal of many people who are desperate to get big. They exert themselves at the gym, pumping progressively heavier weights, in order to break their body down. Then they rely on eggs, chicken and weight gain powders to build it back bigger and stronger than it was before. Finding the right mass building supplement and combining it with heavy, hard training is the way to gain weight and muscle fast.

Gaining muscle mass and losing fat at the same time is hard work. As well as training heavy and eating smart, you have to get your supplementation plan on point. Yet, finding the best supplements for muscle gain and fat loss is tricky.

Putting on muscle mass is hard work. It requires pushing it to the limit in the gym. Then, you need to feed your muscles in order to push them into an anabolic growth state. The supplements that you take after your workout can make the difference between packing on mass or staying in the same place.

Skin Tightening Supplements to Help Get Rid of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

How to get rid of post weight loss loose skin? You don’t have to resort to bariatric surgery. Instead, you can use supplements to help you to tighten up and look terrific.

Cutting Supplements to Get Ripped Fast

To achieve a shredded, ripped physique, you need to do more than train and diet. Supplementation is the added ingredient that will allow you to strip off those last vestiges of body fat so that you can get peeled.

How to Accurately Predict Your Body Fat Percentage

Your body fat percentage is a percentage of your weight that is comprised of pure fat, rather than muscle tissue, water, organs or bone. Knowing your body fat percentage is important because it is the only accurate way to know just how much excess fat you are carrying on your frame.

The usual way to check fatness is by using the body mass index (BMI). This is a simple calculation based on your height and weight. However, it doesn’t take into account your level of muscle mass. Body fat percentage testing takes into account your body composition; how much lean mass you have and how much fat you have on your frame.

For most guys, the ideal body fat percentage is somewhere around 10-15%. At this range you not have any visible body fat that you can grab and you will have an athletic appearance to your body. To get visible abs, you will want to drop into the high single digits, somewhere around 8%. A competitive bodybuilder will be sitting at around 4-6% body fat.

For women, 15-18% body fat will produce a very athletic, sleek look to the physique. To see the abs, women will want to be between 10-12% body fat.

Keeping a regular check on your body fat percentage will allow you to monitor how your physique responds to changes in you training regimen, diet and supplementation program.

There are a number of equations that you can use to determine your body fat percentage from the above. One method, using all nine measurement sites, is the Parillo Caliper Method. It uses the following formula . . .
% Body Fat = (Sum of 9 sites x 27) divided by body weight (lbs)
This is a simple formula that takes into account a large number of sites. Its problem, however, is that it does not differentiate between men and women.
  • Men: % Body Fat = (0.29288 x sum of skinfolds) – (0.0005 x square of the sum of skinfolds) + (0.15845 x age) – 5.76377, where the skinfold sites (measured in mm)
  • Women: % Body Fat = (0.29669 x sum of skinfolds) – (0.00043 x square of the sum of skinfolds) + (0.02963 x age) + 1.4072

Macro Diet Calculator

When it comes to losing weight, you need to keep a close eye on the make-up of your food. While the total number of calories you consume through the day is important, it is the macro-nutrient constituency of that food that really counts. Getting your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake right is the key to fat loss. 

What is Skinny Fat? How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat 

While fat around your thighs and upper arms can help to prevent such diseases as Type 2 Diabetes, fat accumulation in the stomach area is nothing but bad news. Known as visceral fat, it will smother your internal organs, contribute to a shopping list of potentially deadly diseases and make your heart work a whole lot harder to pump the blood around your body.

You have two types of fat around your mid-section. The more familiar type is called sub-cutaneous fat. This is the unsightly flab that is all too visible. It is the type of fat that gives you that spare tire, those loveless love handles and that flabby lower back. Visceral fat is a deep fat that is particularly dangerous in the abdominal area. In fact, visceral fat is like the 90% of the iceberg under the water – the deadly part.
The term skinny fat sounds like the ultimate oxymoron. It refers to a person who isn’t carrying much body weight, but has a disproportionately high amount of body fat. The majority of this extra weight sits around the mid-section. So, even though they may be within the healthy range on the body mass index, their level of belly fat is decidedly unhealthy.
People who are classified as skinny fat have often gone on fat loss diets many times. The problem is that they lose fat and muscle tissue at the same rate, which keeps their body fat percentage at the same level. In addition, many people who are skinny fat focus too much on doing cardio exercise. Cardio is great for your heart. However it will cause you to drop weight without changing the proportion of body fat to lean muscle. This is especially the case with steady state cardio. Read on to discover the skinny fat solution.

How To Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

The best way to counter high body fat is to add muscle mass to your body. It will allow you to pack on muscle and develop a well proportioned frame. Resistance training, lifting weights will help you from losing muscle along with the fat you lose from your reduced calorie diet.

The key to losing belly fat is to perform exercises that cause you to perform big, functional movements that are going to burn a lot of calories. Compound weight training exercises like squats, the deadlift, clean and press and lunges are great options.

In order to start making some traction on your belly fat loss goals, you should stop doing abdominal exercises. They are doing nothing to get the size of your waist down. Instead, begin a 3 day per week weight training program that focuses on the exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of calorie burn and muscle increase. These exercises also bring on a post exercises metabolism boost to help you to burn more calories all day long.

HIIT treadmill training increases cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal muscle function in the body more effectively than steady state training. It also burns fat more effectively while bringing on the after-burn effect. In this state your metabolism is elevated so that you burn more calories in the 48 hours after the workout.

How to Lose Belly Fat Nutritional Tips

Eating the traditional three meals per day is not the way to get it. You should, in fact, be eating every three waking hours. That adds to between 5 and 6 meals per day. Each of those meals should contain about the same number of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Not only will getting into the multi meal habit stop you from craving and snacking, it will also rev up your metabolism.

Pay particular attention to sugar and sodium levels, opting for organic options, aiming to eliminate preservatives and keeping your distance from genetically modified foods.

Cut Out Soda Drinks - You know how bad sugar is for your belly, but did you know that liquid sugar is worse for your waistline than eating the sugar?

Know How to Eat On The Run - Keep healthy foods, like nuts, seeds or a protein bar in your car. If you absolutely must stop off at a fast food restaurant, zero in on the grilled chicken burger.

Limited Caloric Reduction – A pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. To set a goal of losing one pound of pure fat per week, then, you’ve got to cut 500 calories (3,500 divided by 7) from your diet every day - an achievable goal. If you’re eating 5 meals per day that means dropping 100 calories from each meal.

Essential Supplements for Body Building

  • Whey Protein.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids.
  • L-Glutamine.
  • Creatine.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil.
  • Vitamin/Mineral Supplement.

Supplement for Bulking Up  

  • A Mass Gainer
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • ZMACreatineAmino acids
  • Bcaas
  • Maltrodextrin and Dextrose
  • 5-HTP

Closest Supplement to Steroids 2017

There are NO Safe Steroids whether they are legal or not. Good diet, multivitamin, protein, maybe some creatine and a workout plan are enough.

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Rogue Monster Rack Series Reviews 2017: RM-3 Fortis Rack , RM-4 Fortis Rack, Rogue RML-390F, RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0, Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0, Rogue Monster Rack RM-6 2.0

Rogue Monster Rack Series Reviews: RM-3 Fortis Rack , RM-4 Fortis Rack, Rogue RML-390F, RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0, Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0, Rogue Monster Rack RM-6 2.0

Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • 30” depth
  • Versatile
  • Made in USA
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel construction and 1" hardware
  • Satin black finish
  • 2 different pull-up bar options: Monster Fat/Skinny Bar and Monster Single Skinny Bar:
  • Wide range of accessories
  • J-cups and safeties are easy to set up
  • Not really much to complain with such affordable price

Rogue RM-4 Fortis Rack

  • Have the same features of Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack
  • 43" depth
  • More expensive than Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack

Rogue RM-390F Flat Foot Monster Rack

  • Self-stabilizing base - Monster Squat Stand’s triangle-plate base design
  • Laser-cut pin position numbers on the front and back
  • Keyhole pattern on the sides—creating compatibility with more add-ons and attachments. 3x3” rubber feet
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights and 1" hardware
  • 93” tall and 24” inside depth
  • 54" x 50" footprint
  • Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar and pin/pipe safety system
  • Rogue standard Monster J-Cups or Sandwich J-Cups options
  • Satin Black finish
  • Does Not Need to be Bolted to Floor

  • One of the Monster J-Cups may swing out

Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0

  • Made in USA
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel construction and 1" hardware (nuts and bolts)
  • 40" x 53" footprint
  • 30" depth
  • Bolt-together design for easier portability and affordable shipping.
  • More custom color options
  • Laser-cut pin position numbers on the uprights and bottom cross-members
  • Keyhole pattern on the sides of each upright makes it more compatible with greater range of add-ons and attachments.
  • Fully customizable: You can choose your own upright height, color, type of cross members and pull up bars.
  • Standard Monster j-cup pair or the Sandwich j-cups
  • Heights: 90 3/8", 100 3/8", or 108 3/8"
  • Single pull up bar or Monster fat / skinny pull up bar options
  • Easy assembly
Length: 36" vs Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 length: 49”

Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0

  • Made in USA
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel construction and 1" hardware (nuts and bolts)
  • 53" x 53" footprint
  • Bolt-together design for easier portability and affordable shipping.
  • More custom color options
  • Laser-cut pin position numbers on the uprights and bottom cross-members
  • Keyhole pattern on the sides of each upright makes it more compatible with greater range of add-ons and attachments.
  • Fully customizable: You can choose your own upright height, color, type of cross members and pull up bars.
  • Standard Monster j-cup pair or the Sandwich j-cups
  • Upright heights: 90, 100 or 108 inch max height
  • 43” single pull up bar or Monster fat / skinny pull up bar options
  • 3 safety spotter systems
  • Single user only

Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0 | Rogue RM-4 vs RM-6

  • Same features with the Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0
  • 80”x53” foot-print: more room in the cage compared to the RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0
  • Length: 76"
  • Fully customizable like the RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0
  • The most heavy duty single use power rack in the entire Rogue Monster Series

  • Expensive

Rogue Monster Rack Review Video

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Top 10 Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Ok, so now you have heard of weightlifting shoes (let's call them WLS) and think if you should use them or not? Read our guide here about some of their benefits that may suit your need.

What do weightlifting shoes do?

Unlike regular shoes, WLS, as their names suggest, are made for weightlifting or heavy training. Their design is a bit different and some people just don’t really like the look. On the other hand, there are people that prefer to squat barefoot instead of wearing them. In fact, weightlifting shoes have a lot of benefits more than you can expect.

You can maximize your training results as well as prevent the possibility of injury while lifting weights or heavy objects. In case you are addicted to squatting, WLS can provide the total balance that you need to perform better. Let’s find out more below.

Top 10 Benefits of wearing Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Here are the reasons why we need to use Olympic weightlifting shoes:
  1. Special heel: 

    They are designed to have raised heels. The elevated heel will help you move or lift more weights by taking advantage of the force that your body produce and turn that forge to the strength that you need all the way from the ground up (which is not possible if you have weak feet or poor balance position) and help you lift those bars and weights upwards. 
  2. Strong base: 

     Shoes with soft soles will just waste the forge that’s you are trying to generate to lift that heavy bar. WLS with their firm sole will stabilize your whole body as well as giving the desirable ankle degree for a lower, deeper squat. 
  3. Trusting stability: 

    These raised heel shoes are more stable than other shoes that are not designed for weightlifting purpose. They hold your feet firmly and help distribute the resistance stability proportionately so that you can pull your strength better.
  4. Snug fit: 

    Aside from raised heel, WLS come with strapping and laces support that make our feet feel they are comfortable in every direction. 
  5. More confidence: 

    Wearing those shoes gives you the feeling that you are protected and supported with better balance to lift more weights, thus turn out greater results. 
  6. Better position: 

     A hard plastic/wooden flat sole, higher heel and snug fit support are the features that your weightlifting shoes will have to align your position and postures the right way. 
  7. Ankle Aid: 

    Your ankle will thank you for the extra aid they get from WLS. That means you place less stress on your ankle and protect them at the same time. 
  8. Range of motion: 

    Not only does your ankle get the support that it needs those shoes also help alter the maximum range of movement that your ankle joint can perform. Moreover, the tarsal straps will create a flexible hip activation for a more effective workout. 
  9. Injury prevention:

      Weightlifting shoes help align your feet, ankle, lumbar spine and pelvis, thus protect your possibility of being injured during your training session. 
  10. Better Squat: 

    You can use them to squat even though there are people who think it is better to squat barefoot. I won’t argue as long as it is up to people choices but I believe those shoes can give you the balance and stability to squat more, with all those benefits that mentioned above.

Cheap/Affordable Weightlifting Shoes in 2017

The latest of model of weightlifting shoes of 2017 which we think most affordable is Adidas Powerlift 3. For older version you can consider the Warrior - Wei-Rui from

Sometimes we are lucky to find good shoes from famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok on sale/clearance. You can join discussion on Reddit to find out which sitea are currently having a sale or bookmark this site, we will update for you.

Best Weightlifting Shoes in 2017

The best latest WLS of 2017 we come across is Nike Metcon 3, a good pair of shoes come from a famous brand at a reasonable price. If you have money to spend consider the Reebok Legacy Lifter, which is also the latest release in 2017.

Best Women's Weightlifting Shoes in 2017

  • Nike Metcon 3 Women's Training Shoe
  • ASICS Gel Fit Yui
  • Adidas AdiPower Weight Lifting Shoe
  • Reebok Legacy Lifter 
  • Adidas Powerlift Trainer 2
  • Nike Romaleos 3 

Weightlifting Shoes vs Powerlifting Shoes

The difference lies in the soles. Powerlifting shoes have flat, softer soles. Some people believe that they are less stable than WLS.

Best shoes for both Lifting and CrossFit 2017

  • Nike Romaleos 3 
  • Nike Free 5.0
  • Adidas AdiPower 
  • Adidas Crazy Power TR
  • inov-8 FastLift 370
  • Reebok CrossFit Lifters 2 
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 and 7.0
  • VS Athletics

Top Weightlifting Shoes Brands

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. Reebok
  4. WEI-RUI
  6. Inov8
  7. Asics
  8. Risto
  9. VS Athletic
  10. Otomix


Down to conclusion, if you’re still in doubt whether you should invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes or not, why not give them a try? Weightlifting shoes are not really expensive; you can get a good pair with reasonable price and sometimes you will be lucky enough to buy high quality weightlifting shoes with discount (on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale period, for example). Considering how they can prevent your risk of injury, I don’t think that they are just a waste of money as long as you treat them with care, those will be with you for a very long time.

top weightlifting shoes benefits 2017

Please share this article if you find it helpful. We appreciate your kindness and will work hard to provide more reviews and guides.
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Top 10 Best Budget Power Rack Reviews 2017 (Under $300 - $500) | Inexpensive Home Gym Squat Cages

Best Budget Power Rack Reviews

This article is for those who just can’t afford to buy expensive power racks yet don’t have the time and skills to make a DIY power rack for themselves. We have collected a list of most affordable power racks with good quality below so that you can save a lot of of your hard earned cash. Check them out below.
  1. Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack Squat Deadlift Lift Cage Bench
  2. Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks
  3. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment
  4. PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack
  5. Rep Power Rack with Dip Attachment
  6. Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack
  7. Best Fitness Power Rack
  8. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage
  9. Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Rack (FM-CB8000F)
  10. Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System

Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack Squat Deadlift Lift Cage Bench

We love this power rack as there is almost nothing to complain about it. For a cheaper option, you can get the Titan T-2 power rack (700 lb capacity) which is about $100 cheaper.

  • Over 1,000 lb capacity
  • HD Steel J-Hooks
  • Comes with chin-up/pull-up bars
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Surprisingly affordable – Best value for your money
  • At such price, do not expect them to be as “perfect” as other higher end models. 

Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks

This one is a great choice especially if you are on a budget.

  • Up to 800 lbs of weight capacity
  • Comes with a pull up bar and fail safe bar
  • Sturdy
  • Not for some tall guys or heavy lifters

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

  • 12-gauge steel frame
  • Easy installation and setup
  • 2 safety catch bars
  • You can use standard plates as well as Olympic plates on it
  • Pull-up bar may not fit your height, check carefully before buying

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

  • Spacious dimensions of 44” x 82” x 46”
  • 10-year warranty for the unit’s frame
  • Sturdy, power-packed design
  • Inexpensive
  • If you are too tall you may have to check if the size really suits you.

Rep Power Rack with Dip Attachment

  • Up to 700 lb capacity
  • Dual pull-up bars
  • Affordable
  • Not include bench
  • Check if it fits your ceiling

Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack

  • Comes with weight bar supports and safety bars
  • Comes with pull-up bar
  • Affordable
  • Only 5 year warranty for frame

Best Fitness Power Rack (under $300)

  • Comes with safety bars
  • Really cheap
  • Only 500lb capacity

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage (under $300)

  • 800 lb capacity
  • Comes with safety bars
  • Comes with bench 
  • Very Cheap
  • The bench is not really good

Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System

  • 800 lb capacity
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Comes with chin-up/pull-up and dip bars
  • Comes with safety rods w/ j-hooks and weight bar safety catches
  • Cage is quite narrow inside

Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Rack (FM-CB8000F) (under $300)

  • Really Cheap
  • Famous brand
  • Suitable for small space
  • The overall quality is not great

Power Rack Buying Guide

Before buying one, check if you have enough space to install it in your room/house /garage, especially the height of the ceiling, it should be always higher than the power rack. Make sure you have enough space above the power rack for your head when you do chin-ups/ pull-ups. Also, don’t forget the space for additional equipment such as weights, plates, bars and a bench as well.

You already know that “ you get what you pay for” so always check carefully about the quality, dimensions, capacity, stability and features of the power rack before buying, don’t let the price misleads your choice. Shorter and narrower power racks tend to be cheaper, make sure you choose the ones that are large enough for you.

Features that you need to consider when choosing the right power rack

  • It should be strong, solid and sturdy
  • It has large weight capacity
  • It has safety system/safety pins
  • It has pull-up bar, dip bar
  • It has weight holders
  • It is solidly anchored to the floor or comes with a stabilizer
  • Cost of shipping and how they will ship your items

Power Rack Alternatives 

Squat racks, squat stands, smith machine.


We hope you can find the one that fits your need the most in this article. If you are not in a hurry, wait until Black Friday sales when you are lucky enough to buy high quality power racks at a cheaper price.

If you don't have enough space for a full power rack, consider buying folding racks instead, for example a RML-3W Foldback Wall Mount Rack , to save both space and money.

TOP 51 Exercises using only Power Rack equipment video


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Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2017

When is Thanksgiving in 2017?

Celebrated in the USA, this year Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

The year end big sales usually start one week before Thanksgiving and then continue to Black Friday, Cyber Monday till the end of the year. So when is the best time to shop? It depends on your choices. Each supplier will have their own schedule to release their sales and they also decide when the sales will have to stop so you'd better watch for those days as early as possible.

When is Black Friday 2017? 

What is Black Friday? It's the day after Thanksgiving Day. This year, Black Friday is on Friday, November 24th, 2017.

Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday mark the start of big sales, discounts and deals until the end of the year.

When is Cyber Monday 2017? 

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday/The first Monday after Black Friday. This year Cyber Monday is on November 27, 2017.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2017?

Last year of 2016, Amazon Prime Day was on Tuesday, 12th of July. Amazon Prime Day 2017 has not been announced yet but we can expect it to be around is on Tuesday, 11th of July (that means the second week of July). Prime Day is the day of huge discounts for those who have subscribed to Prime membership of Amazon. The deals will probably run for 30 hours of at least 20% off plus free two-day shipping on eligible products in the electronics &computers, clothing, toys, video games, health & beauty, sports &outdoors, .etc departments as well as other Amazon Video, TV, Apps & Channels, Music, Games & Kindle Books.

Amazon Prime membership normally costs $10.99/month or $99/ year but this year Amazon will have a discount of $5.99 per month for anyone on government assistance with a state-issued debit card called Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Crossfit, Gym & Fitness equipment deals & sales in 2016 

While we still have to wait for 2017 Black Friday - Cyber Monday deals and sales, why not have a look at a few deals of 2016 from Amazon, Rogue Fitness, Vulcan Strength, American Barbell, Reebok, Adidas, FringeSport, Wod Nation, MaxBarbell, Kettlebell Kings, Black Widow Custom Training Gear, .etc below.


In 2016, Black Friday sales on Amazon started early, around one week before Thanksgiving period and ended until the end of the year.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Black Friday 2016
In 2016, The Rogue Matte Black Friday sales starts at 9.00 am on 21st November. The sales were expected to end at midnight on the 27th Nov but they actually last until the next week of Cyber Monday for some remaining items.

Rogue Fitness is famous for their high quality power racks, barbells and a lot of other Crossfit training equipment. There is no better time to get those equipment at best price from Rogue other than Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday sales in 2016
After those days, Rogues usually will continue their Clearance sales and holiday gift guides until the end of the year.


Vulcan Strength Traiining System 

American Barbell

Black Widow Custom Training Gear 


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Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Reviews 2017 | Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Installation Instructions

Rogue Fitness R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Reviews 2017

The Rogue R-3W is one of the best folding racks out there in the market. The R-3W is made with 2″x3″, 11-gauge steel uprights, while the Rogue RML-3W has 3″x3″ steel, and is fully compatible with Infinity Series accessories.

  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Unique hinge and pin system
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Pull-up bar can be easily removed and the sides of the rack are easily fold-able after workout
  • Space saving : it takes up only 5” of space from the wall
  • Available in two depths, 20.5” and 40.5”*
  • Infinity J-cups, 4 mounting 4, 5/8” x 5” detent pins
  • UHMW plastic caps to protect your floor
  • Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar
  • Largest accessory selection
*The 20.5" depth version only folds inwards while the 40.5” depth unit, the sides can still fold in or out.

  • The 20.5" depth unit is not suitable for kipping pull-up movements especially if you’re too tall
  • Installation process may take some time longer than you expected.

Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Installation Instructions

You may need

  • Measuring tape
  • (2) 2x6-8FT stringers
  • (2) 6' 2X10 boards
  • Impact Driver
  • Stud Finder (use one that finds center of stud)
  • (2) 4' x 6' stall mats from tractor supply
  • (16) 3/8" x 4" lag screws (attach stringers to studs)
  • (8) 1/2" x 2" lag screws (attach rack to stringers)
  • (8) 1/2" x 2" lag screws with washers to attach rig to stringers
  • (16) to (20) 3/8" x 4" lag screws with washers to attach stringers to wall studs
  • Additional lag screws or bolts with washers to mount the four brackets into the stringer boards
  1. First unpack/break down the boxes and then use tape measuring for the stringers. Then, locate the center of the studs and measure where the stringers will attach. Decide where the mounting brackets would be placed stringers.
  2. Next attach the bottom and top stringers then we attach the mounting brackets (you may need small screws first then use lag screws).
  3. Next measure from the floor surface for stall mats, put them down prior to drilling your pilot holes and installing stringers.
  4. Next drill 15/64" pilot holes for the 3/8" lag screws and 5/16" pilot holes for the 1/2" lag screws. As for installation, double-check measurements prior to drilling.
  5. You may have to drill through concrete for the bottom hangers; install bottom two rig mounts into cement foundation lip; then install top hangers and rig hardware.
Note that Rogue does NOT recommend installing its fold back mount racks on a wood, drywall, or metal stud wall without a stringer or additional support.

Rack Installation Video

Rogue R-3W vs Rogue RML-3W

Rogue R-3W has 2″x3″ steel and is fully compatible with Infinity Series accessories. Depths: 20.5” and 40.5”.

Rogue RML-3W has 3″x3″ steel and is fully compatible with Monster-Lite accessories. Depths: 21.5” and 41.5”. The Rogue RML-3W is $20 more expensive.

Which one to choose? Well, it's up to your choice for steel sizes, depths and accessory selection. If you upgrade from Infinity or Monster-Lite series you'll clearly know which one to buy to match with the accessory compatibility.

Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Alternatives

Titan Fitness T-3 Series Fold Back Power Rack

  • Cheaper than Rogue R-3W
  • Same look, design, size, height and depth
  • Made with inferior steel, cheap hardware
  • Cheap coating
  • Hardware and accessories such as pins and bolts may not fit the holes without drilling

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Reviews 2017 | Rogue RML-3W Installation Instructions

Why use folding racks? Folding rack benefits

  • Space saving: They require less space to store: you only an empty wall space and a few inches of floor space in your garage to set up and still have the space to park your car.
  • Versatile: You can perform lots of exercises with them and they can hold just as much weight.
  • Less expensive: They are cheaper than full racks, yet they still have the same accessories such as dip station, pull-up/chin-up bar etc

Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Reviews 2017

Rogue Fitness are famous for their high quality power racks and we’re glad they have this RML-3W Foldback Wall Mount Rack that is extremely solid with two 3x3” 11-gauge American steel uprights, laser cut holes and heavy duty hardware.

  • Made in USA
  • US-steel
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Multiple steel configurations and depths*
  • Westside hole pattern which is great for bar placement
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only 5″ from the wall when stowed away
  • Largest accessory selection
  • Compatible with Monster-Lite accessories and add-ons.
  • Installation process may take some time longer than you expected
    *The Fold Back Rack is available in two depths: 21.5” and 41.5”. If you have limited space the 21.5" is the best choice for squats and deadlifts. Choose the 41.5" option if you need more space in the rack for gymnastic movements.

    Rogue RML-3W Installation Instructions

    You may need

    • Measuring tape
    • (2) 2x6-8FT stringers
    • (16) 3/8" x 4" lag screws (attach stringers to studs)
    • (8) 1/2" x 2" lag screws (attach rack to stringers)
    • Impact Driver
    • Stud Finder (use one that finds center of stud)
    • (2) 4' x 6' stall mats from tractor supply

    How to install Rogue RML-3W 

    rogue-rml-3w-fold-back-wall-mount-rack installation

    1. First use tape measuring for the stringers. Then, locate the center of the studs and measure where the stringers will attach. Decide where the mounting brackets would be placed stringers.
    2. Next attach the bottom and top stringers then we attach the mounting brackets (you may need small screws first then use lag screws).
    3. Most wall-mounted folding racks will require stringers when attaching the rack to wood or metal studs so make sure you have enough space for it and do as what the manufacturer of your rack suggests of how to install that stringer.

    Rack installation video

      Compare: Rogue R-3W vs Rogue RML-3W

      Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Alternatives

      PRx Performance (Shark Tank) Profile Rack 2"x3"- PRx folding squat rack

      • Made in USA
      • Sturdy
      • Space saving and it requires only 4” of wall space when not in use
      • 42-inch kipping bar (optional)
      • Heavy duty, 2"x3" 11-gauge steel and j cups to hold the bars
      • Four 100 lb gas shocks with mounting bracket.
      • More expensive



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